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The centre is responsible for analysing documents it has collected in order to make them accessible to the public. They can be examined at the centre and consist of recorded interviews, photos, and videos. The work done by the centre enables the association to give greater value to its research by publishing books, CDs and DVDs and by holding exhibitions of items from its collection.

The next publication focuses on a manuscript by Gabriel Soulages (1838-1930), who was mayor of Albi from 1877 to 1888. This is a collection of song from Albi contained in several notebooks some of which describe childhood experiences. It includes lullabies, nursery rhymes, traditional sayings and a lot of songs and dance melodies.

When this book is published, we are going to make available a selection of documents from our collection of lullabies. They are part of popular culture and have been familiar to people throughout the ages. We chose this theme because lullabies belong to a traditional repertoire and create links between different cultures.

In his book, Gabriel Soulages reproduces the Occitan lullaby Sòm Sòm with its score, available for consultation here. During our research, we recorded several singers from different countries singing traditional lullabies of their culture. You can listen to these songs in Occitan, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, by clicking on the following links. The recordings are accompanied by a short description of each of the singers and by pictures from our photographic collection.

Listen to a selection of lullabies:


Lullabies in occitan

Sòm sòm

Nòstre Sénher m'a envoiat


Lullabies in Polish

Spi spokojnie lube dziecie & Lulaj ze Jezuniu


Lullabies in Portuguese

Dorma dorma meu menino

O papão


Lullabies in Spanish

Duerméte mi niño (1)

Duerméte mi niño (2)

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