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La Talvera

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Founded in the early 1980's "La Talvera" was created to finance on-the-ground ethnic musicology research for a handful of unyielding persons well-defined to favor and develop traditional occitan music, the band "LA TALVERA" stayed a long time one group with variable geometry which investigated from top to bottom the traditional repertory. Later, in the early 1990's, the group turned professional, and remains so to date. "La Talvera" is: Daniel LODDO (composer/lyricist, singer, accordion, bodega), Céline RICARD (singer, fife, occitan oboe), Fabrice ROUGIER (clarinets), Serge CABAU (percussion), Sergio SARANICHE (guitar and bass) and Aelis LODDO (Singer and violin).

Today, La Talvera continues with the tradition of occitan music, but also ventures in other genres, mixed, some of which cannot be classified! Neither exclusively ragga, world, or traditional, the group is impressed of its meetings with the musicians of the Massilia Sound System, as well as with Brazilian curureiros and other traditional occitan musicians. The sound is still Occitan, but with a window open to the world. La Talvera's music is anchored in tradition, but creates links to the contemporary world, building bridges from one continent to another, from one time to another...

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