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Association CORDAE/La Talvera - Occitan Research Centre for Ethnographic Resources and Activities

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The Centre

Founded in 1979, the Centre is devoted to the preservation and the dissemination of the occitan cultural heritage through a variety of activities such as research, publication, information, creation and formation.

Since its foundation, the centre has done considerable research work in ethnology and ethnomusicology, not only among the Occitan communities, but also among the various communities of immigrants. CORDAE/La Talvera also effects investigations in foreign countries such as Portugal, Brazil and other places.
Throughout the year, the centre conducts cultural, artistic and initiation classes as well as training courses to learn the "Langue d'Òc", discover traditional dances and traditional instruments. The centre also organizes lectures on various topics related to its fields of investigation, and colloquia and seminars. Several photographic exhibitions realized by the centre on various themes (Whistle-languages, immigration, traditional music, fantastic beings and legendary spots...) may be hired throughout the year.

With its numerous facilities, consultation room, exhibition room, recording studio, multimedia equipment, the centre has 3 chief goals :
- To be a comprehensive resource centre fully available to a large audience of teachers, students, scientists... to facilitate and encourage occitan research and creation...
- To be a regional window on Occitania to promote and enhance occitan culture and oral traditions through numerous activities (exhibitions, training courses, concerts...) for locals and non-residents.
- And finally to provide innovating rural cultural facilities, available not only to the village people, but to the populations of the country and the regions nearby.

CORDAE/La Talvera works in partnership with le Conseil Général du Tarn, le Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées, le Ministère de la Culture and the Europe.

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